Monday, January 17, 2011

Avoiding the Endless Wheel of Nilhilism

There are those who do not believe
in anything greater than themselves.
They live solely to consume.

They will tell you that we are born,
 consume and die,
and afterwards wink out of existence.

And worse, they want you to think the same way as well. 
They’ll even go so far as to try and ‘educate’
you and deride you if you refuse.

{You know, like intellectual date rape
without the courtesy of a dinner and a movie}

This pseudo-intellectual concept of nihilism
could degrade the human spirit.
It could put humanity on par with microbes,

who do nothing but eat, poop, sleep, and breed.
After which they die and, you guessed it,
 blink out of existence.
End of story.

But take heart,” the nihilist will tell you;
your prodigy will live on to carry out the endless wheel
of eating, pooping, sleeping, breeding, and dying.

Sounds perfectly abysmal to me.
How about you?

Come let us NOT get on the insane hamster wheel
of perpetual consumerism.
Let us make the most out of this precious opportunity
to become far more than mere microbes.

Let us leave this world, {no less humanity}
better then we found it.
Like Neo in “The Matrix”
lets become the spiritual superheroes that we were born to be.

Let us put effort in not only learning Buddha’s teachings
but putting them into practice and fully enlightening ourselves,
not in ten lifetimes, not in ten decades, not even in ten years
but in THIS year; without even abandoning:
spouse, work, home, kids or pets.

What are some of the reasons you could yearn
to start the journey from
from microbe to Buddha?

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  1. I would yearn to make the world a better place. To save all sentient beings.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.


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