Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dog Bullies

Human bullies are relatively easy to deal with.
Either you stand up to them, or you contact law enforcement to deal with them.
If bullying persists, there are laws and courts to deal with it.
But what if the bully is a lesser being? Yes, I'm referring to my neighbor's dog.
The dog is quite violent. He gets out of his fence and charges me and my dog while I'm taking her out for a walk.
Yesterday the dog got out and charged my husband while he was getting into the car.
The owner knows about this problem. He's tried patching up his fence, but the dog can crawl out.
When the neighbor is home he'll stand on the porch and threaten the dog.
But on those days when the neighbor isn't home, the dog gets out and terrorizes the neighborhood.

I love dogs. And for the most part, they love me back.
But this one threatens me with a mauling every time I leave the house.
I called animal control. I hate doing it.
But when it comes to my and my family's safety as well as the safety and well being of the neighborhood--there are small children here and the thought of one of them getting mauled to death by this dog keeps me awake at night--I seem to have little recourse.
The problem is, is that animal control doesn't seem to be interested in dealing with this problem.
I called yesterday after getting chased into my house.
They never came.
I'll have to go outside to get the mail. I know the dog will get out and come after me.
But the shelter is closed for the holidays so calling would be an exercise in futility.
Calling the city police will only send me to a voice mail at the shelter.

This caused me to consider the unthinkable; to borrow my brother's pellet gun and shoot the dog.
I loathe that idea, but  I also have no desire to spend the weekend in the hospital after being viciously mauled, either.
I'll call animal control again on Monday, in hopes that someone will come out and restrain the animal before anyone gets hurt. If that doesn't work, I'll contact the DA's office and see what can legally be done.
It's ludicrous to think I can't leave my own house because I'm being terrorized by a dog.
A big dog--but still--a dog.
May this issue be resolved quickly and easily without harm to anyone.
Om Mani Padme Hum

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