Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Long Walk

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I have to admit it; I was afraid.
It was irrational I know.
It was after all just a walk to town and back.
The walk was 4 miles, round trip.
Hardly a trek across the Himalayas.

I did my formal meditation practice,
 and  planned a sequence
of informal ones while I walked.

The informal practices are very simple
yet very effective.

They go like this:
Inbreath: Why take fear?
Outbreath: Chenrezig

Inbreath: Take all fear
Outbreath: Chenrezig

In Breath: Chenrezig
Out Breath: Letting go

In Breath: Why give peace?
Out Breath: Chenrezig

In Breath: Give all peace
Out Breath: Chenrezig

In Breath: Chenrezig
Out Breath: Letting go

Although my journey
took me across a couple of less than chic neighborhoods.
I was still determined to go.
So I loaded up my library books, kissed my husband
and began my walk..

There was nothing to fear.
No one stopped me.
The traffic was light
the sky impossibly blue
the heat of past summer blown away

I walked down crumbling sidewalks
passed crepe myrtles, spiderlilies and
patches of wild onion.

Houses decorated for the Halloween season
yet I did not meet one single black cat.
Or anyone at all for that matter.

In no time at all
I was in the middle of down town
I discovered two little boutiques
and a bistro tucked away between
the old cinema building
and a respiratory supply store.

I returned my books
took the same route that I came
marvelled at the beauty of the day
that I would have missed if I had stayed inside
locked away in my fear.

I promised myself I  would make this trip
at least once a week as long as the weather holds.

It is truly a good day to be alive.
And to be able to practice
even during a long walk.

May you all benefit
om mani padme hum

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