Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Sunday School Lesson....From a Buddhist.

I know it's been a while since I picked up Bible and read it through.
But I don't recall at any time during my Biblical studies that Christ:

Charged Lazarous' family for raising him from the dead
Charged the blind and lame for healings and turned away those who couldn't pay

Nor do I recall the Sermon on the Mount having had an admittance fee
or gave teachings for the select few.

I don't recall Christ forcing the hungry to pay for loaves and fishes
Nor do I remember him hobnobbing with the wealthy and affluent

I don't recall the Last Supper being a $500.00 a plate black tie affair,
nor do I once ever remember the Lord giving someone the back of his hand
and telling them to get a job when there weren't any.

When self proclaimed Spiritual people
Deny the poor
the hungry
and the sick
much needed food and medical attention

Or needed help with simple things
not offering so much as a kind
 word of encouragement
or inspiration

Instead give the suffering their contempt;
a slap in the face
instead of the warmth of a smile and a kind word

I have to wonder
Would the Savior have approved?


Be polite.