Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19th

Ive been eating saltines. They're bad, I know. And I shouldn't eat wheat at all because it interferes with my lung function, not to mention what it does to my wasteline.
But I"M HUNGRY. And chili has to have something in it. I prefer catsup but that's not paleo friendly either because of the excess sugar. And what?????

Of course I could consume eggs. My bro brought us some, but I loathe eggs with a passion that borders on obsession. I can't even stand the smell of them cooking; they smell just like burned hair...
Now before you tell me that I'm cooking the damned things too long let me explain...I do a nice soft scramble, and the smell still eeks up from the pan, and I have to hold my nose. The only thing worse is the smell of boiling weinies.
God how do people eat this stuff???

ANd then there's the hard boiled egg that smells just like sulfur.
I miss my fruit and veggies. I especially miss fruit. Im down to my last half grapefruit. I managed to nurse a bagful for two weeks. Tomorrow that's breakfast.
I'm out of paleo friendly food and I'm still waiting for my pittance from my royalties to come in so I can buy two pounds of grapes. I have a deep desparate craving for them right now. I'm really considering scratching the panelling off the walls. I did a desparate thing, and something that tasted horrible but did it anyway.
I put grape jelly on some unsalted crackers and snacked on them while watching ghost hunters.
Can I get a bleck? The good news is that I don't think it'll stay down.

JW goes to the food pantry tomorrow. I pray with all my heart they have some paleo friendly food to give out. Tuna, salmon, maybe dried fruit...yeah I know the tuna'll be in a can but right now I don't give a frak. I pray as well that my royalty check comes in. JW said it'd be just enough for 2 pounds of red seedless. Did I mention that???I can eat a handful of them, a glass of water and am perfectly happy until the next meal. Last month when JW went to the pantry they hand organic celery and carrots. The celery was tough but had a good flavor. Yes, it was celery dammit and I could de string it and be in cud chewing bliss for hours.
And walnuts!!! WAHHHHH!!!!! I WANT SOME WALNUTS!!!!!!

I can't wait until the check comes in next month. I'm going to get me a watermelon and eat until I reboot. Until then I get to explore the rocks and shoals of poverty and dream of paleo bliss.
At least it gives me the chance to burn of some really crappy karma.
Good night all.
Peak flow 350
Breakfast: none
Lunch: chili and saltines
Dinner: pork slices and steamed broccoli
snack grape jelly and saltines. (I wont be doing that again. My stomach feels like the floor of a movie theater.)

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