Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday August 18th

When they said on TV today that The Prince of Darkness was dead the first thing that came to mind was Ozzy Osborne. Nope it was Robert Novack. He was one of the stooges involved in the whole Heidi Plame affair years ago.

So the OZ is still on this side of the planet. And He's still the prince of darkness, at least in MHO.

It's storming in East Texas, the kind of storms that come pouring off the Ouichata Mountains in Arkansas and, after gaining momentum, flood our valley. Its the kind of storm that rattles rafters, shakes roofs, sometimes off, sends trashcans flying and lawn furniture scuttling across the lawn.The grass is greener, true, but the skies are dark and ominous again, and we're under a severe thunderstorm warning. So Im not going to stay on long.

Fall is so close, even though it's still hot in the afternoon. I can feel it. I'm planning on savoring the last of summer like a fine full flavored wine. The only birds left are mockingbirds which are here year round, and sparrows. An occassional robin is seen scouting out insects on the lot next door, and rabbits as well as feral cats are looking plumper.

The neighbor lady still traps feral cats. Instead of having a trapping neutering and release program we have just the trapping and euthanizing program. Which IMO is evil. The cats aren't harming anyone and do perform a vital service. Without them we will become innundated in rats and mice and other rodentia. But try telling that to the city council.

Anyway, its' getting darker outside, the wind is picking up. The house is clattering right down deep in its bones. It too almost seems to know fall is in the air. It'll be time soon for apples, pumpkins, pears and citrus. I'll miss the grapes and cherries most of all.
Peak flow 350
Breakfast 1/2 grapefruit
lunch: crackers and chili
snack crackers with a little butter and cinnamon
dinner: baked beef tips and veggies.


  1. Dear Pat,

    Why are you eating Crackers?

    Om Mani Padme Hum,
    Lama Jigme


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