Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, Aug 20th, Neither getting nor keeping the desired or enduring the disliked...

JW came home from the food bank. Everything is neo, inedible or just plain crap. The only thing I could eat are the carton of eggs, the jerky, and the sunflower seeds.
Tonight we're having pasta. I refuse to eat refined jerky. It smells like ass. And I damned sure aint eating any more eggs.

Why do I bother? WHy do I even try? I should be thrilled that at least JW will have food to eat for the rest of the month. but Im not. I'm being selfish, I know, which goes to show just how far from the path I've strayed just because my belly is rumbling.

I ate the pasta JW made tonight and it spiked my blood sugar. I can tell just by the way I feel, that odd grinding sensation in the pit of my stomach, the craving for more, the lethargy. It's not a pretty sight. The prefab chicken did the same thing, and something else occured not long ago. Im having bladder spasms again. I haven't had that happen since I started the paleo diet.

Next month, I dont care whose bills we have to pay, we're getting backup food for the month. I'd rather eat canned tuna and dried fruit than rice and wheat, both of which makes me sick.

So it looks like today is enduring the disliked day. Bleh.

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit
Lunch: 1 tomato, a few leaves of lettuce, two prefab chicken patties baked. (Note: nasty headache ensuing. No more of those! They were awful anway I slept for several hours after eating that)
Dinner: pork and pasta.

I was given oatmeal, and it does have good things in it, but I have to put sugar in it to make it palatible. Not a pretty idea. But if I eat that in the morning after my 7:am practice, then drink ice water for lunch and have a paleo dinner, I think I'll be okay. I do have tomatoes, and some msg free chicken broth, but JW wants to make soup out of it for dinner one night so I'd best leave that alone. The msg laden beef broth is way off base.

I'm going to be okay. JW will have plenty to eat. I can do without for a few days. It won't kill me to skip a meal. Half the time its too hot to eat anyway....

we're under another severe thunderstorm alert. Keep us in your thoughts, and good night.

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