Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday August 17th Sigh no more my lady sigh no more

Today like the last week has been repleat with slander, harsh speech and foolish talk. Oh not all of it is directed at me of course, it's been parcelled out liberally to lots of folks this week and last. I for on am weary of it, and understand fully now why Buddha said these things are not conducive to good practice.
Tell me about it.
These past two weeks I've been accused of everything from being decieved to being a lizard. Someone even was kind enough to tell me that if I were good and raised enough good karma for myself, next time I might be lucky enough to be born human.
Well you know what, I looked in the mirror today and I havent' turned green. I don't have fangs, and I don't eat flies.
I look perfectly mammallian to me.
Where does this come from? honestly?
And why does it matter, really when all it boils down to is foolish talk???
That's right. It doesn't.
So what did I do about this?
i watched a movie.
That's right. I watched a movie. One of my favorites, in fact,called, ironically Much Ado About Nothing, starring Denzel (sigh) Washington Keanu (bigger sigh) Reaves and Emma Thomson.
I love Shakespeare and this play turned film is one of the least recognized for its wonderful portrayal of what happens when jealousy and rivalry turn into slander and duplicity. Something this poor world this summer has had more than its share of, myself included.
No I won't tell you why, it only adds to the drama and all in all its not really important. But the film, oh yes, the film with its beautiful scenery, music and the way the story unfolds is just sublime. I love Emma Thomson's performance as Beatrice, and Kenneth Brannaugh as Benedict. Their bantering reminds me of how JW and I were when we were courting. It was just great. I loved how it ended, when Prince John the Bastard, the orchestrator of all the mischief that occurs within the walls of Leonardo's Villa, is apprehended and is thrown in jail for his slander of Hero, Benedict says not to worry about him, he'd think of excellent punishments in the morning. And then all is forgiven amongst family and friends and the scene widens to a beautiful panoramic view of everyone singing and dancing, happy ever after.
So, it just goes to show that you can learn something, even from an old Shakespearean play.
So If they can love and let go, even in a play, there's hope for me yet :D

I didn't do yoga today, I figured being outside helping JW build sawhorses, then emptying out closets and clearing off bookcases was exercise enough.

Breakfast green tea
Lunch Chili and crackers
Dinner baked chicken and carrots broccoli and cauliflower.
Peak flow 350


  1. Dear Pat,

    I absolutely love that
    a heard of Buffalo can make you drool!

    Om Mani Padme Hum,
    Lama Jigme


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