Wednesday, August 5, 2009

noon posting

lunch: salad.

Argh I was so angry a while ago. I swore an oath that I wouldn't become embroiled in nonsensical political squabbling and my BFF sends me stuff that she knows will set me off.
And I shouldn't have read it but I did and broke my oath. I renounced and stopped reading any more messages.
Yet the anger stayed with me.
So I put that into the path of liberation, but not before I didn enough Tibetan prostrations to get my heart pounding and my head clear.
Im now about to go out and do a walking meditation before the storms hit.
I got further along with the novel than I thought I would. I'll work on it some tonight and then again more work tomorrow. Back to an 8 hour workday.
But this afternoon I go out to my brother's house to do laundry and today is tsa tsa making day. I'm taking my beads with me so I can work on amulet bags while there. WIth the weather wonky his tv might not work. There's no cable in the country.
Have fun guys.
om mani padme hum.

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