Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aug 5th last post for the day

Im exhausted. I've spent the day washing clothes and Im still drying. My brother thinks he can fix my old washing machine. JW and I told him to knock himself out.
I still have lots more to do before bedtime.

Lunch was salad
a few bits of chicken and broccoli
and one apple.
Dinner consisted of leftover chili and ice water.

I've got some things to do before bed. I still haven't done my tsa tsa practice yet, nor have I done any beadwork or done my daily readings.
I may wait on making tsa tsas until tomorrow. But I can finish painting the ones I've started. And I have two amulet bags to complete.
Eventually I'll get back to my guitar practice.
But for now, my daily readings.
Then beadwork
and laundry.
Hugs and good night.

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