Tuesday, August 4, 2009

evening and last post.

Peak Flow 400

Tonight was my brother's chili and a great movie called Taken. We totally enjoyed ourselves, good food and good family and a kickass film about a man the bad guys should never have run afoul of.

NOTE: I shoulda stayed out of the cornbread.

Here's my brother's chili recipe.

3 large cans of tomato sauce
1 large can tomato paste
1 large can rotel (tm)
1 jar of mild pace (tm) picante sauce
6 cups of water
garlic to taste (i'd use at least 4 cloves)
1 pkg of 4 alarm chili powder, milder powder if you like it cooler.
fry 5 lbs of ground beef, add to the tomato stock
fry 5lbs of 1/4 inch round chuck or buffalo steak or deer meat and add that to the pot too.

add 3 tbs Tony Chatcherez blue top herb seasoning and 4 tbs of quam (I have no idea what that is)
cook for several hours on low temp. Stir often. Serve with cornbread. And cornbread (selu-gadu) is off the paleo menu.

While you're waiting on your chili (which I call powwow chili because it'd feed a small powow) here's a story for you. You've probably heard it before, but bear with me, because it's worth repeating.

Ge-i (a long time ago) when the Cherokee Nation was still young and strong, a grandson went to visit his grandfather. The grandfather was a wise u-ta-hi-ste (old man) and he lived for a long time and had great compassion.

His grandson had been in a fight that day, for the same reasons young boys tend to fight, and he came to his grandfather with a black eye and an angry heart.
His grandfather stirred the fire and listened silently while his grandson vented his anger and anguish over what happened and vowed to get revenge.
Finally his grandfather said, "grandson, inside each human being there are two wolves. One wolf is good and the other is evil. Night and day they fight with each other, each struggling to be the winner."
"grandfather," the grandson asked, "How do we know which wolf will win?"
"The one you feed," grandfather replied.

So tonight feed your belly with good powow chili, feed your imagination with a good movie, feed your soul with good spiritual practice, and let the bad wolf howl with hunger.
Have a beautiful evening. (nihi uwodu svhiye)


  1. I Love to read your story, and fascinated by Cherokee Nation too. You lived in there before? I have an Indian hand drum. I use it when I chant Om mani pedme hun.

  2. I lived there when I was a child. My grandfather lived there until 1973. I loved it there and still miss it. But I've never forgotten my roots. I still take language classes through the nation, listen to the radio broadcasts and read the newspapers. My cousin still lives there.
    om mani padme hum


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