Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6th...lets not mention the "F" word.

lunch, tell ya later
dinner, who cares? I dont even want to think about the "F" word right now.

Peak flow: 350

The power went out early this morning. JW woke me and I felt weird and disoriented. I had slept without the fan on and my head was stuffy and I felt sick.
Without the AC it was too hot in the house so I got dressed and JW and I sat outside, talked, visited with neighbors, and watched a large fogbank roll in.
Once the power came back on we went back inside. I took my head still hurts but its my stomach in full rebel mode. I just feel...sick....
I'm sure its because I got too hot. My head is pounding and I have no desire to eat. I'm sipping on weak decaf tea now hoping that'll help.
I'm going to go curl up in the living room and sleep for a while under the AC once I cool down I'm sure I'll feel better.
Talk to you all later. Maybe...

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