Wednesday, August 12, 2009

aug 12

peak flow 325.

This past week has been a challenge and if yesterday is any indication this coming week is going to be equally playful. I'm up for it. I watched The Little Buddha a few nights ago and recalled again the story of Siddahatha's enlightenment. Just before the big day, Mara the demon and his daughters came to tempt him. When they weren't successful, Mara began to threaten him. Then he gathered all his demonic armies and attacked him. Siddahatha never ever lost his concentration, never lost his way on the path to liberation.
Lately I've been assalted by my own demons, and temptations, both inside and outside. I admit they've distracted me from the path.

But I feel inspired after watching the Little Buddha again, and I will remember to stay steadfast in my faith and stay upon the path. It's not easy, but nothing worth doing and doing well ever is.

I am getting physically stronger. I am now offically able to put my forehead down onto my knee. My DVD's arrived a few days ago and after I finish blogging, i'm going to begin the first of the Earth Flow series.
This should be fun.
Have a beautiful day.

breakfast 2 eggs/paprika/ one slice bacon
Lunch/ small salad
Dinner: JW's choice. Hopefully a stirfry. I likes me some stirfry.

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