Friday, July 31, 2009


Chinese food at the local Asian restaurant. I have a weakness for Mr. Yng's steamed dumplings and garlic sauce.
But that's not all I ate. I did eat carefully, mindfully, staying towards lightly stirfried veggies and some lean meat. Mostly veg tho. And some fruit. Their orange slces are always too sour so I steered clear of them, but did have some mango and papaya/pineapple mix. I ate only half of it. It came from a can and I could taste the metal.
It Came From A Can.
Sounds like a 50's sci fi flik dunnit?
Anyway, I ate small 1/2 cup bowls, continuing my meditation practice of offering while eating carefully and actually paying attention to what I was eating. In the past I shoved food down my gullet no matter how awful I hated it...believing wholeheartedly to be grateful for what I was given. But even Buddha was poisoned on something he was given so that should be cautionary to myself.
So now Im getting more discrimminating about what I eat.
And one of those things is to not eat "brown" food.
After I ate I did what most every writer does--observe our fellow humans. What I saw was disturbing. Piles upon piles of food overstacked on plates...fat bottoms barely contained by the chairs they sat on...BROWN food was pretty much all they ate--pasta, fried meat, meat with heavy sauces dripping everywhere...and then...dessert...
Urgh. that's enough to make you want to...well you know...
I stayed with the 'pretty' food. brightly steamed broccoli, partially raw green bell pepper, carrots and onions. No mushrooms. The shrooms looked slimy. And the leanest meat I could find. Sure i did eat some things that were bad (like the all awesome dumplings) but on the whole I stuck with pretty food.
Annnndddd my stomach is already starting to complain.
Tonight I would like to have a melon for dinner. Whether iget one or not remains to be seen.
om mani padme hum.

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