Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st

Peak Flow 450.
It's finally the end of the month, hurray!

Breakfast...Iced water and an hour sitting in the sun.
Lunch...dunno yet
dinner...dunno yet.

Today I woke up, realizing I have way too many attachments. Like listening to or reading the news, for instance. There's one article that kept coming up on my yahoo site about a woman who...well...its too horrible to describe and I've written horror novels...Needless to say, I cried my heart out.
ANd its not just that one incident, there's many many others. Isn't samsara bad enough that I have to have it pouring through my computer via broadband and tv?
So the tv is now switched to a lovely soft jazz station. I have no desire to listen to any news today...just for today...we'll see how it goes after this...

The second thing I'm giving up is getting into other people's business. I vow this sincerely, especially after an epic arguement I had with my brother last night. JW my husband said for me to stay out of it. He's so right. So very wise. I'm doing exactly that. So for today...and manifesting many more days to come, I am minding my own business. Keeping myself focused on Dharma and its practices is far more fulfilling than gossip. And gossip after all is depressing. I neither want, nor need to hear it. You know?

The third thing I'm giving up is the internet. Oh not totally but I have come to realize that I spend more time on this thing than I do with my husband. I'm also getting very little else done besides being on the net. So for today I am using the net solely for business, and of course for communicating with Lama. After my 7 pm practice, the computer goes off and stays off till morning.

I think these three things will do for now.

Today is tsa tsa making day. I may change the day over to Wednesday, that being the 3rd day in the week and 3's are very auspicious numbers.

I have writing to do as well. And I hope I can get to town soon so I can purchase more beading supplies.

I also have housework to do. Emptying out the office closet and getting my son's things together to take to his apartment this weekend being one of them. yeah I fussed around about living in a shack, but I'm currently reading about a remarkable Tibetan Buddhist nun who lived in a cave. The pics in the book show a very small but very tidy area. If she can have a neat and tidy cave, I can have a neat and tidy house. There simply is no excuse.
So I'm off to get things done.

Everyone have a beautiful day.
om mani padme hum.

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