Saturday, July 25, 2009

last post of the day

Peak flow 450. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Lunch leftover veggie beef soup. Still a "meh" factor involved. Next time fresh veg and no meat stock. I'll see what i can do to make my own veggie stock.
Oh yeah, note: Swanson's 50% low sodium is NOT as low in sodium as you might think. It's still chocked full o' salt, and worse, MSG. MSG is evil. It is a definate migraine trigger. I found out AFTER I read the label. Pretty dumb, huh? So I now have two culprits for the migraine from hell. The one that has finally eased up after over 24 hours of abject misery.
Im waiting until next month, when I'm at my nutritional best--LOTS of fresh fruit and veggies (I'm dreaming of a red seedless watermelon, from HOPE ARK of course) until I try to free myself from artifical hormones again.
Tomorrow for lunch may just be air pudding. You know what that is? Its the same thing as a wish sandwich. You have two slices of bread and wish there was something between them.
I'm not worried tho. I refuse to ingest any more of that beef broth. It's toxic. I'm convinced it made me sick. And I certainly didn't enjoy consuming it. Food should be enjoyable and nutritous after all.
I've got neolithic food left, but I still want to keep it down to a minimum. Oatmeal for breakfast and a veggie stirfry for dinner and all will be well.
I am having a huge issue with salt. Everything tastes salty. Its disgusting. I dont know if its a reaction from the migraine (hell I probably burst a blood vessel with tht last one) or if it's just me but I cant even stand the taste of water right now. It too tastes...yes you guessed it...too salty...
Anyway I started the portrait of Chenrezig based on what comes to mind during my daily practices, just like I do the designs on the amulet bags. We'll see how it goes.
My friend Elly is going to help me with my guitar practice. I am so excited. I've got a jam buddy! It still can't play wortha shit, but I'm enthusiastic! We're going to jam tomorrow over speaker phones.
God, I love the 21st Century.
As you probably guessed, no namaste yoga for me today. But there's always tomorrow, and if I'm not to light sensitive I'm going to go outside and take a nice lovely walk.
Ya'll have a beautiful evening.
It's time for meditation, and then...ha ha! British Comedies. I just LOVE 'Waiting for God.' I wanna be Diana Trent when I'm in my 80s. :D

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