Sunday, July 26, 2009


The pic above is Georgie, one of our blue cameo creme cats. This is the one who used me as a gate this morning while I was in gate pose. She ran up my side, my extended right leg swung around and nearly put the akita's eye out.
Silly kitty. And she has such a sweet face. You'd never know the evil kitteh lurks within.

Peak flow: 275. Not great but doable. I won't be doing any marathons with that number.
And it doesn't come as a surprise. It's raining outside. Strong fluctuations in barametric pressure is an asthma trigger. My doc acutually laughed at this (What did he know, he was a resident) until I had a severe attack in front of him. I was in the hospital recovering from pneumonia at the time and I was sitting up while he was listening to my lungs. It started storming outside and my right lung just gave up. Itdidn't collapse. It just simply stopped working.
that was way back in 1996 and obviously I recovered. But I've always been mindful of that ever since.
How long have I had it? I was born with it. My mother (rest her soul) smoked 2 packs a day during her pregnancy. So I was born with bad lungs. I was six months old and was found blue in my crib. Fortunately at the time we only lived a few blocks away from Dallas Methodist Hospital and I was (thankfully) revived, otherwise this lifetime would have been extremely short.
And thus I spent the rest of my infancy under an oxygen tent.
My father of course told me this before he died. I couldn't remember that. He also said I outgrew it, and my step mother shouted--I mean shouted--which was quite startling since she's always been a soft spoken lady. She related all the times I went to the doc's for bronchitis and pneumonia. I missed an entire semester one year in high school with pneumonia. he just shrugged. He didn't know. After all, I was very athletic at the time and didn't seem ill, other than tht weird cat wheezing that I did from time to time.
And why the gp's didn't pick up on it remains a mystery.
But enough of that.
So I am still asthmatic and it occured to me that my asthma hadn't gotten all that bad until I gained an unspeakable amount of weight. I'm working hard to get it off, and keep it off. Not because I intend to become some old cougar (I'm happily married, thanks...and the only old cougar I want is the 1974 mercury courgar variety, rummm rummm!) but to be healthy. That of course, most of all.

Thus goes todays paleo-neo adventure. I say it's mixed today because oatmeal is all I have left for breakfast. I like oatmeal actually, but it doesn't like me worth a darn and so today is going to be fun.
I think I've figured out how to deal with today's lunch delimma. You dont need tons of veggies to make a good veggie stock. I'm thinking and onion and a few celery sticks will do well. I have a can of jalapeno tomatoes. I might put in about 1/3 of a can, hopefully they wont be too strong or worse, too salty and cook it all down. I don't think I'll bother salting the broth.
Now I can go one or two ways. Just drink the broth and eat a small spinach lettuce salad or I could toss in that last can of mixed veg and hope for the best. I think I might just drink the broth today and eat the salad.I have enough lettuce for one small salad and about 1/3 of a pack of frozen spinach with that and a little chopped onion as a garnish that might not be too bad. I'll experiment and see what happens.
Tonight is chicken veggie stirfry. Always good, and no rice.
Today on Namaste Yoga was Phoenix bowing. After looking back over the past few months since I started this, I remember how hard it was just to get down onto the floor. Now I can do phoenix bows and gate poses with relative ease. I can't hold the poses as long as I'd like, and I know I've got some age on those girls who are doing the exercises, but I'm still game. I'm doing my best. I do know my balance has remarkably improved, Im not getting vertigo as badly as I once did, and I'm getting stronger. The huge belly that impeded me is finally shrinking and folding poses are getting easier. Sure I'm sore as hell, but its a good soreness. The kind of soreness that tells me my muscles got a good workout and are getting stronger because of it.
Always awesome.

Here's what todays menu looks like:
Breakfast: 1 bowl oatmeal
lunch veggie broth and small salad
dinner chicken veggie stirfry
Last night I dreamed about a chocolate cake. I was in a cafeteria and ordered this enormous slice of the most incredible chocolate cake I'd ever seen. When I went up to the cashier to pay for it I had no money, but I had a bunch of jade pieces, a spider, a gao pendent of jade, turquoise and pearl, and two plain jade rings. And to make the story weirder was my former youth leader from the church I attended decades ago was there. She was telling me that if I went back to church with her she'd buy me the cake.

I hadn't thought about her in 30 years. What an odd dream.
Anyway, that's the outline for the day. I have another blog that needs attention, a little editing to do on a short story, I have a review book to read, some beadwork to do and some tsa tsa painting practice. And of course housework. There's always the housework.
Oh yes and I have a jam session with E today. I need to practice my chords. I dont want to come off as a complete idiot.
have a beautiful day.

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