Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kiowa Indians and Nutrition

I know its going to happen sooner or later. Someone on the net is going to find this blogsite and flaggelate me over how unhealthy the Paleo Diet is. And four months ago I would have agreed with them. I was taught in nursing school that giving up entire food groups was bad, that you could wreck your metabolism, not get the nutrients you need, blah blah blah, etc etc.
Well I got out of that mindset. It took a while but after one of my meditation sessions, when I sat back and gazed up at the sky, letting my mind wander a bit (still serenely aware, but still) my thoughts went back to my Kiowa roots.
The Kiowa were a plains indian people. Before the white man came my ancestors were constantly on the move, following buffalo herds, hunting prong horn sheep and elk. Their diet was supplimented with whatever plants they could glean during their trips across the great plains. Nowhere have I read (nor anything my family mentioned) of women chasing down buffalo cows with buckets trying to milk them.
And yet, as you can see in these pics, they are healthy.

A Kiowa woman's posessions were her tipi and everyting inside, her tipi which she took with her whereever her band went. Kiowa women were strong and healthy and the only calcium they got was from whatever plant fibers that were avaiable at the time.
The men were strong and powerful.

I selected this pic because this guy bears a striking resemblance to my dad. But take a good look. Does he look sick to you? Does he look malnourished? Does he look like his bones will crumble to dust, his mind to moosh?
No, of course not. Because he is not. If that were so every plains Indian on the continent would have died out long before the white folk came.
The human race as a whole is sick from what we consider food, which is in reality nothing more than over refined starch, sugar and salt. And fat. I understand the need for some fat in the diet. After all fat is what sheathes your nerves. Think of it as coax coating electrical wiring. Without the coax the wires short out.
So yes, some healthy fats are called for, but not the gargantuan hyper refined and worse, oh much worse, the kind of fat made in the laboratory. Polyunsaturated fats and transfats are poison. Im not exaggerating here. Your body knows what to do with natural fats, it either uses them, stores some and then kicks out the rest. With lab fats your body doesn't have a clue as to what to do with them. It looks like fat, but not quite. So it stores it.
It doesn't store up in your ass either. It stores up in your blood vessels and pollutes the liver and heart.
Can I get an EW?
If you look around the local grocery store, start really reading the lables on the foods, you'll quickly see that90% of what's in the store isn't edible. I daresay that most of it should never ever be consumed.
The second thing I want to bring up is the number of meals we eat.
I understand diabetics and those with other metabolic problems have to eat six small meals a day.
But what about the rest of us?
My parents ate three meals a day. That was it. Just three. SUre there might have been a slice of something sweet afterwards, but that was dessert. Nobody ate six meals a day. My dad had low blood sugar and never ever ate six meals a day.
Somehow we've gotten brainwashed into thinking we have to eat constantly in order to stay healthy. That's not true.
I highly doubt my Kiowa ancestors had to drop everyting and eat six meals a day. I'm sure they ate three, possibly only two if they were on the hunt. But six? No.
Turning back to the old ways is a good thing. I of course cannot go out chasing buffalo (I wouldn't want too, they chase back!) but I can return to good nutritional practices, such as strength training, walking, yoga and eating good healthy natural foods. Nothing that's over refined, and certainly nothing that comes from a lab.
Here's a pic of my family: Now you'll see why I'm the odd duck.

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