Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd Adventures in Scrounging

Peek Flow 250.
I'm supposed to be doing this 3x a day but I do it twice. I know my lungs well enough to know when they start getting tight. And this morning I woke up in the yellow zone. Not pretty.

Anyway, it's the end of the month, something I refer to as the end of the month blues. Not only are we low on gas but we're also low on paleo friendly food. So by the 30th I'm probably going to have to digest something neo which is fun because after yesterday's experiment with a handful of saltines I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that wheat products are an asthma trigger.
We have plenty of paleo friendly food for dinner; lunch and breakfast are the current challenges. I was skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch, but Lama Jigme said that was a bad idea as a person can still be overweight and still starve.
And, I thought afterwards, I really am tempting fate. It's just a matter of time before my blood sugar crashes and I'm back in the ER. So, I must not skip meals.

So here's what's in store for today
breakfast @6:30 consisted of 1/2 grapefruit, celery sticks and my last 2 dates. (the kind you eat.)
@ 11:30 Lunch, French onion soup and small salad
@6:30 pm Dinner, JW's choice, but I'm told it will have something to do with beef strips and mixed veggies. He's an excellent cook so Im not worried.
Today is filled with writing, (I must complete that short story and send it in today) sweeping and mopping floors (great exercise)...and class with Lama Jigme. I always look forward to class.
The 21st Century is awesome. I don't have to travel to the Himalayas on the back of a yak for Dharma instruction. Very cool.

I am trying to muster up the courage to get off my estrogen. The last time I talked to the doc he said I could get off of it when I was ready; just to montior how I feel and if I start getting cranky (paychoic is more the word) then to go back on it.
So. (Deep breath) I think in August, since I won't be doing any book signings that month (an estrogen depleted temper tantrum in front of fans would be apocolyptic) I will start gently reducing my dosage. I'll also ask Lama Jigme if he can assist me by designing a meditation practice to help with the (ahem) hot flashes and temper tantrums. Hopefully there won't be any, but we'll see.
om mani padme hum

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