Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last post of the day

Peak Flow: 325.
Meds taken
Evening routine complete.
stirfried pork and asian veggies.
My husband's recipe and its very easy to do.
Just make sure your meat is well cooked. After a stint in microbiology I've been scarred for life in regards to rare meat products.
half a pound of lean pork
one package of frozen veggies
2 tbs of canola oil
2-3 tbs low sodium teriaki sauce.

Stirfry your meat in wok. No need to salt as the teriaki sauce has more than enough sodium. Probably your daily supply is in this one dish so go easy on it.
Remove meat from wok, add veggies, cook till tender. Serve WITHOUT rice. And it takes me maybe ten minutes tops to clean up afterwards.
Osda svhiye
(good night)

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