Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The unhealthy aspects of sugar

Yes, It's a well known fact that I have a huge sugar Jones.  And I admit I haven't done my best at staying away from it. Especially now when our food reserves are so depleted we are having to buy non paleo foods. But after last week, when I got a four alarm migraine I suspected sugar might be the cause but dismissed it.

The truth was, I didn't want to give up my last habit.
composed by Linda Cousey all her rights reserved

I had effectively eradicated nearly all intoxicants from my diet alcohol-caffeine-certain spices, but the two things I had trouble giving up were sugar and chocolate.

 I spent three days in bed with the worst headache on earth and still could not reach the conclusion that my favorite intoxicant could be the culprit.

Until this morning, when I bypassed a beautiful nectarine to grab a creme filled donut that weren't even bought for me, they were for my husband's breakfast.

And now the pounding headache is back.

It's odd how we can cling to things, especially to things that make us physically ill.  Its akin to sticking your hand on a red hot griddle because you like the smell of your own flesh burning.

Enough of this.

The sugar Jones must end and it must end today--right this very minute.

And detoxing is gonna be a killer.

But that's okay.  I have the tools at my disposal to do it.  My Lama's teachings on love and letting go are very effective.  All I have to do is use them.
And I will.

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  1. Sugar addiction is hard to break, but after a couple bad days, you'll find it gets easier and easier every day. And it sure is worth it to be migraine free!


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