Friday, September 10, 2010

Fortunate Eon Translation Services

I recall some years ago, that my Cherokee elder and language teacher told me that our language wasn't in our food, or dances, or the clothes we wear.  Our culture is in our language.

Being acutely aware of this, and being aware that the Tibetans are getting  the same treatment my Cherokee and Kiowa ancestors got a century ago, I am very supportive of anything that keeps the Tibetan culture alive.  True, there's that whole impermanence thing, but I don't see much point in sitting on the ground and letting it bulldoze over me.

That said, I recieved permission from the gracious Tenpa from the Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, where I tend to spend a bit of time, to repost this missive in regards to the lovely and talentedErick Sherab Zangpo.  Use his services, take a look at his beautiful art, and support Tibetan Culture as best as you can. And most of all, spread the word.

Erick Sherab Zangpo is a gifted young American lotsawa living in India, who is well known and well liked for the fresh, poetic quality of his work.

To help sustain himself, Erick has launched the Fortunate Eon Tibetan Translation Services, where you can have things done for yourself or your center at very reasonable rates.
I really want to encourage everyone who has need of such services to contact Erick. When you stop and think about it, just how many young people nowadays bother with the Tibetan language? Sad, and sorry, to say --- but, even among young Tibetans, language often takes a back seat to other interests.

So, in this regard, Erick is something of a rarity.
Let's encourage him, shall we?

By the way: if you like the "lotsawa" image above, you can order a splendid, 11 x 14" matted print from Namse Bangdzo, by clicking here.

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