Monday, August 2, 2010

Pat's Paleo Omelet

One of my favorite things about Paleo foods is the simplicity. Its easy to make, takes only a few minutes and if it's over one hundred degrees like it is here, you won't want to heat up your kitchen too much.  Here's a sample of my basic Paleo omelet. Its quick, versatile and doesn't heat up the kitchen too much.  This is my veggie omelet. You can, of course, add whatever you wish. 

2 eggs scrambled

1/8 of an onion, I prefer vadilias
1/2 of a small green bell pepper.  I try and stay away from franken foods.
One green chili, slice thin, de seeded and devained.
1/2 roma tomato
1 small thinly sliced carrot

Lightly sautee the veggies in olive or canola oil, with the exception of the tomatoes which you'll want to use for garnish.  Add eggs, fold into omelet shape, then place on a plate. Garnish with fresh tomatos and a dash of paprika.  And no, there's no salt added, but you can if you wish.  I personally prefer not to.

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