Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meal Offering in Three Breaths

It's really easy to become self righteous in our attempts to harm no living creature in our effort to feed ourselves. But the truth is, even vegans and fructarians cause damage to living organisms either by ingesting microorganisms or due to crop production. Even though organically grown foods is the most optimal way to go, plowing the soil causes damage to microbes as well as small creatures, like earthworms and grubs,for example.

Since theres no real way not to harm anything at all for the sake of having a snack, the above prayer that Lama Jigme taught me is a good way to be mindful of the creatures that came to harm, to bless them and pray for a good rebirth.

Meal Offering In Three Breaths

Inbreath: Thank you my kind teacher!

I partake of this delicious meal
as an offering to
Lama Chenrezig
Who emanates

in his cherry sized four armed aspect
of Bliss-inducing light
upon this throat center

Inbreath:  May All Beings now Benefit!

May all who have perished over the last forty-nine days
especially all who have perished in the provision of this meal,
or at my hands,
now take immediate and auspicious Po-ta-la rebirth

without any other rebirths intervening
and once there quickly accomplish full enlightenment
 so they can better aid and liberate all others

Inbreath: Completely letting go

By this virtue may "i" quickly attain the enlightened state
of Lama Chen-re-zig
and then lead every living being
without exception to that ground.




  1. Oh, you very nearly got it when you wrote "But the truth is, even vegans and fructarians cause damage to living organisms either by ingesting microorganisms or due to crop production."

    Trouble is that in the 21st Century we have such a big blind spot to where it really is that we are doing the most damage. We strain out the gnat and swallow the camel with regards to this and few of us even notice that this is so.

    What words should we offer for our everyday destruction caused by our multifaceted use of petroleum, not only as a fuel but as a chemical feedstock that forms the basis of so many things that we lose track of it all and it fades from our view when it's really in plain sight?

    What words should we offer for the ongoing devastation we continuously contribute either directly or indirectly to in the Niger Delta?


  2. Agreed. there is much work to be done. But I recall also, what my lama said to me when I was just a beginner. "There is nothing pure in samsara."


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