Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dharma, Incorporated.

One of the misconceptions about Dharma practice is that it has to be done perfectly, precisely and preferably in a dark room filled to capacity with incense smoke.  Further, others are convinced that Dharma should be regulated to the meditation cushion only, or if you're feeling particularly daring, you may walk while meditating. 

But what good is Dharma practice when it is performed only once a day and then shelved along with other relics of your spiritual practice and forgotten until time comes to meditate again?

I maintain that practicing dharma isn't about doing a meditation practice once or maybe twice a day and then forgetting about it. In order for Dharma to be truly effective, it must be incorporated into your daily life. And yes that includes diet and exercise.

One could say, but wait, Tibetan Buddhists don't they???

Well, I could say that back in the days before the Chinese takeover there were very few cars in Tibet and they were owned by the Dalai Lama.  Everyone else either rode via horse, yak, or they walked.

I have the very good fortune not to have to walk, or ride on horseback 1500 miles to see my Lama.I can simply pick up the phone or call him on Skype.  This is delightful because I can get regular teachings from him.  But the sedentary lifestyle that so many of us Westerners seem to have adopted for whatever reason, isn't good for my rump, which, like many American rumps needs exercise.

So I include the paleo diet as well as yoga and walking (when it's less than 117 degrees outside then all bets are off) into my daily practice. And which you will find logged here, which is of course, all about my Dharma adventure, which I will happily share with you.

Until Tomorrow...

may you be happy and healthy.
om mani padme hum


  1. This is exciting! I'm bookmarking and will be back when I have some quiet time to read through your previous posts. Its nice to know that I'm not alone in thinking Dharma is a daily, hourly thing, not just when we find time. :)



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