Monday, January 18, 2010

The Illusion of Why?

What is the illusion of why?

A lot of big talk has been bandied about
Blaming the victims
Blaming each other
Blaming God
Demanding the answer to why?

Why did God do this?
Why is God angry?
Why did God take away
Someone I love?


The truth is
There is no why.
There only is…

And perceptions.

Just like light striking a prism
Fragmenting white light
Into an array of colors

Just like viewing a sunrise

The light striking the eye
The brain interpreting the light
Into the image of the rising sun

So to does karma
And perceptions
Coming together at the right time
Causes things to happen,
in a dynamic way.

Just as two tectonic plates griding against
Each other
Causes the earthquake

Or a rain slicked road causes a car crash
and the death of a young man

There is no angry hand of god at play
There is no punishment
There is no plan
There is no why

The answer is as simple as your basic
physics class.

Karmic action places us in the situation
Components act upon the situation
Conditions set up the situation
Perceptions are how we react to it.

This is not mystical mumbo jumbo
This is observable in everyday life.
All you have to do is open your eyes
And see.


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