Saturday, October 24, 2009

What could a personal retreat look like?

I'm in personal retreat until Monday.
I'll post then.
Until then
here's a sample of what this weekend adventure will bring :D

Good morning everyone.
Here's how my day will look if you're curious :D
am breakfast shastra reading
watch 2 hr streaming video of Dalai Lama teachings (the four noble truths is the name of the series)
practice@ 11, shastra reading
Break for lunch (soup and small salad)
transcribe Lama Jigme's latest lesson, study notes from other transcriptions
Copy pg from Heart treasure of the enlightened ones Notes page. (theres a treasure trove of information in there...not to be neglected...)
tsa tsa practice
3pm practice (shastra reading)
3:30 finish bedroom, sweep, dust and mop floors (yes, this can be a meditation prctice as well)
6 pm Dinner (beef soup)
7 pm practice
drawing thanka practice (portrait of Buddha, another meditation practice)
beadwork while watching the tube
bedtime @ ll pm. Prayers, and lights out.

om mani padme hum


  1. The usual 4x. I'm also going to do a walking practice right after my 3pm prctice. I usually do this anyway. It's become second nature.
    om mani padme hum


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