Friday, September 11, 2009

You don't need fourth meal

or fifth meal or sixth meal. Unless you have a severe metabolic disorder and your physican says you must have several SMALL, repeat this SMALL meals a day.
A turkey dinner with all the trimmings DOES NOT constitute a small meal.

The reason for this late evening entry is because sitting here, much as I did last night when the snack monster bashed me upside the head with severe sugary/salty/greasy/ cravings it occured to me that perhaps what I was watching had more of an influence on me than I thought.

I've been watching tv, and tonight's junk food du jour is Taco Bell. Yes, I've been watching commercials, and paying special attention to how many food commercials come up. Especially the Taco Bell ones, insisting that we all need 'fourth meal.' Burger king comes in a close second with it's creepy King waking people up in the middle of the night, scaring the shit out of them, and then offering them something they should truly be afraid of.

What I'm saying is that you don't need this. I certainly don't need it and avoid it like the plague it is. The last time I was assaulted by a Mc Donalds burger was in March and I ended up throwing it away, realizing the casket it came in was probably healthier than the burger.
At least the styrofoam box will decentigrate in 750,000 years. Not sure about that quarter pounder.

But Pat, aren't you scared? Aren't you afraid they'll sue?
Sue me? For what? The worst thing they could do is force me to work for them.

The thing these fast food places haven't bothered to place in their ads is this: they don't care about what you eat. They don't care about how high your cholesterol is, or whether or not you're feet will rot off with diabetes. What they care about is your dollar bill. And people don't seem to have an issue with this.

And after a lively discussion with my brother and JW today, I find it incresingly more ironic that they'll lament over the price of grapes but have no problem whatsoever plunking down twenty bucks for junk food.

And tonight I was served pizza, and instead of saying no thanks, I mindlessly ate it, but now Im regretting it. Oh yes, you have no idea.

I think after tonight I'll rather fast than eat toxic food. It's just not worth the stomach ache.

But back to fourth meal.

Go back in time a bit; not too far, just far enough for your parents or grandparents to remember. Blessings to you if they're still alive because they can tell you how people ate a generation or two before. I recall my grandfather. He was a wild catter working in the oil fields of West Texas during the 30's and 40's. He didn't stop work for a fourth meal. His crew didn't stop in the middle of everything to eat six times a day. It wasn't possible, nor desirable. these men worked hard, really hard for a living. They ate 3 meals a day, sometimes only 2 and were healthy. One of the things I remember about my grandfather was being able to hurl a sledge hammer several yards just to prove he could do it.

So no forth meal for me, unless it's a small piece of fresh fruit or raw veggies. I'm doing my best to stay to my food regime and exercising. I've still got to figure out how to do it; seeing as it is raining and there's little floorspace. But I'll figure it out. I know I feel much better after my am yoga and regular weight training.

Well, Letterman is on and the day is done. Tonight's top ten: is how you know how you've picked a bad college. And that pizza is banging around in my abdominal basement. As Bette Davis said in the film, All About Eve, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy night."
She had no idea.


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