Monday, September 14, 2009

Who's Your Sugar Daddy???

breakfast, pat's cereal, and a small portion of meatloaf. Worry not, Zack doesn't put much filler in it. Its all beef.
Lunch, lettuce wrap
Dinner ???

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I got happy news this morning. My brother and my husband said they're proud of me. Of course, JW has often told me that it didn't matter to him how much I weigh, he'd love me regardless. And I'm glad for that, but the truth is, being fat is very unhealthy, and so much so that it's become an epidemic in our country. Which is a crying shame.

Back when I was growing up, the only fat kid on our block was the one who had polio and couldn't move around much. Today fat kids are almost the norm.

Case in point: my beloved nephew. Sweet kid that he is. He's outgowing, friendly, fairly popular, has a great girlfriend and he's not really fat...not yet... But he eats sugar--no, he mainlines it--to a point that appalles even me, a sugar fiend.

I had say something after watching him swill down a Butterfinger, a Nutty Buddy Bar and washed it down with a mountain dew. Then went after a pecan pie.
I mean, dammit boy! Sure he's 17 and he's not fat but still, these habits will only make matters worse in the long run. And after bringing it to his attention a couple of days ago, he's slowed down...some...He took a huge bag of sour gummies to school with him. I hope his teacher has the good sense to confiscate it.

Put down the bag and slowly move away...

And so, I've been doing my best to practice what I preach, although I have to admit having so much refined sugar in the house is a monumental temptation. I'm working through a set of power questions Lama sent me to help me overcome that craving. I tweeked the questions just slightly to make it paleo-friendly for everyone interested (including myself of course)and will happily post them for your perusal as soon as Lama approves of what I did.

Yesterday I got ribbed for my fruit habit. JW lamented that he was afraid I'd become fructarian, but I told him no that I'm perfectly happy where I am right now. Besides, my metabolism wouldn't support it. The Paleo diet does wonders for stabilizing my blood sugar. In the five months since I started it I've only had a few crashes, three is all I can think of at this point. My brother has low blood sugar too and even though I told him about the Paleo Diet and the wonders it did for me, he's still not convinced. He feels (like I did six months ago) that I needed,absolutely needed sugar to keep my bsg normal. But that's dangerous thinking. I know that now and know too that not only have I lost weight I feel monumentally better.

But enough of that.

I have some links that I want to put up probably later today or tomorrow about sugar, the sugar industry and how horrible it really is for you.

One of those things that concerns me most isn't the link to obesity as much as the links to cancer. Although the sugar industry emphatically states that you can have as much as half a cup of sugar a day without ill effects. Which anyone with sense knows that's bullshit. Even the American Cancer Society has conceded there's a link between excess sugar consumption and cancer.And obesity, which is a symptom and not a disease at all. But that's another blog entry.

But of course the sugar industry is fighting this research. And they have powerful lobbies and are in the pockets of politicians who care more about their campaign contributions than your health. And the sugar industry is out to do only one thing: make money. They're sugar pimps and dealers. Grim reapers in three piece suits. They want you addicted to this substance because they want your money. So sure, they'll say half a cup of sugar isn't going to hurt, just like a cocaine dealer is going to tell you that half an ounce of crack isn't going to hurt. But it can and it does.

This is what the dealer is telling you, not because its part of a healthy lifestyle, because it isnt, but because they want you hooked on their dope and they want to keep you hooked on it. I am currently researching lobbies and special interest groups along with the FDA and USDA to find a link (and I'm sure there is one) between the industries and that wretched food pyramid they've put out. But more on that later.

Yesterday we had the great fortune to find black seedless grapes on sale. I absolutely LOVE concord grapes and am happy to have a bag in my fridge. I had some with my dinner last night, foregoing the mashed potatoes and creamed corn served with meatloaf last night. Much better. And I slept better too. No acid reflux, no heatburn in the middle of the night. All was well.

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