Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who'll stop the rain???

You'll probably see a lot more of these rainy day videos in the upcoming days. Yep, it's still raining, and has since we got the floor in the bathroom installed. The problem is that the commode is the only thing attached to the plumbing's gonna start getting gamy up in here, at least until it stops raining and we can reconnect the shower.

Worry not, I'm washing up. Just not getting the full bathtub bliss that I'm accustomed to. I know it'll stop raining eventully. Until that time tho, I'm still not quite back in the 21st century. But in the meantime, all the rain is getting me down. Which reminds me of another youtube clip.

We Cherokees are pretty fastidious about our hygene. Even in the old times, when the first Cherokee delegates went to England to visit the Queen, her highness actually ASKED them to stop bathing so much!

Bro and nephew moved out yesterday officially. He took his tv, his dog and his computer and went back home. I'm not sure how they're coping; he hugged my neck and I said I was sorry it didn't work out and they were welcome back....and he said they'd be okay. You just can't stuff so many people into such a tiny house, all of us with our own ways of thinking and doing and there not being some friction. And I admit to a certain amount of general crankiness, despite my diligent attempts to adapt. My teacher was kind enough to work with me through that and I'm very grateful.

So I have my fortress of solitude back. I can now pray and prostrate in front of my altar again, and I can write in uninterrupted bliss.

And no more refined food!!!
Which is what I want to talk about. It really took its toll on my wasteline as well as my metabolism.

But I'm still three sizes smaller than the slacks I currently have on, which is a farsight better than being three sizes too big for the slacks I'm wearing. So I won't kavetch so much. Someone asked me a few days ago if kavetch was a Cherokee word. No, it's not. It's Yiddish. Since Lama is Jewish born, I get a bit of yiddish in every lesson. In Cherokee the same word is alisganosdi and you can hear this word if you go here and type in the English word complain into the lexicon

But back to your regularly scheduled alisganosdi.

After the fiasco with the pizza a few days ago I can safely attest to the below mentioned study. I saw a clip about this on The Early Show, and as soon as It's posted on their site, I'll link it, because its too important not to watch.

It's a study on how fatty foods like pizza and icre cream affect the brain. In this study they determined that the brain doesn't trigger fullness when a person eats highly fatty foods like ice cream and pizza. You can eat these but the brain just doesn't recognize it as food, is wondering when food is going to come, and when it doesn't get it keeps sending out signals that it's hungry. It's kinda like someone in a hotel waiting for room service that never comes. The brain keeps calling and for some reason the waiter just ain't making it up to the right room. So fatty foods aren't an addiction per se, but it certainly screws up the mind/metabolism link.

And the study states that it takes about three to five days to destox from eating crappy food.

And this study also, without mentioning it directly, proves point blank why the Atkins Diet cannot and will not work. All the saturated fats that are permissible in the Atkin's diet are just false triggers to the brain, causing your body to eat more and make you fatter. And those who vehemently defend the Atkin's diet are protecting their desire to consume more fat. And like Foamy the Squirrel, I have huge doubts about a diet that'll let you eat all the cheeseburgers you want but you can't have an apple.

But enough of that.

I've managed to conquer most of my bad food cravings. No lentils, no peanut butter, no dairy (it made me sick anyway) and no more extreme fats. The only thing that stand in the way of paleo healthy happiness and me is my sugar addiction. Yes, it's still driving me nuts. I'm craving sugar as I write this. But wait, I have a strategy for beating this sugary bastard. I'll share it with you in my upcoming blog entry.

peak flow 300

morning routine
Samauri Waking
7am Mahamudra opening
morning practice
breakfast: red grapes, black grapes, strawberries and almonds.
Ice water.
12 Tibetan prostrations. (Imagine, a year ago I couldn't do even one!)
am Reading: Heart Treasure

Writing till 11
Wednesday's Mahamudra
lunch: chicken salad
Ice water
lunch reading: Heart of Compassion
work out abs and weights
write till 3

3pm practice
zone work: office
Ice water
evening routine:
6:30 Extensive 3 Cauldron's practice
7 pm Cherokee language class
Reading: Path to Enlightenment
Dinner: baked pork chops and steamed veggies
Ghost Hunters. New episode looks outstanding as does
Destination Truth.
Robot Chicken (yes, I know. I'm a sick puppy)
Bedtime routine.


  1. Sorry, but I guess I disagree with your diet comments.

    First, the news stories about that diet study were very misleading. The study found that some fatty acids, especially oleic acids, are just fine. Oleic acids are found in lots of foods, including olive oil and avocados. The study identified only palmitic acid as bad.

    Second, it is inaccurate to sat that the Atkins diet will "let you eat all the cheeseburgers you want." I don't recall that Atkins had much good to say about the buns in burgers, or any other kind of bread, for that matter.

  2. I have a friend who has heart trouble as well as blown out knees because he insisted the atkins diet worked well for him. It worked as well as it could I suppose since he gained over 100 pounds on it.
    It is NOT a healthy diet.
    Sorry you think so.


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