Monday, September 7, 2009

Sugar Spikes.....

My blood sugar spiked this morning which is quite a surprise since this is the second time this has happened during my five month paleo-adventure. The first time made sense because it spiked shortly after consuming a bowl of rice. However, this morning was red grapes and strawberries. The berries were way too sour and so I put a little sugar on them. That might have been what did it. I think I'll leave the strawberries alone for a couple of days to see if they'll ripen. In the mean time I have to get my sugar back under control before I end up in the ER and nobody, especially myself, wants that.

So while feeling icky this morning, and no I didn't test because I can't find the damned glucometer and the disks for it are 50 bucks a whack and I think I have only a few more stabs left on the last one I have, but I do know the symptoms of high blood sugar intimately. I'm guessing its around 160 now, judging by the way I feel but I'm quite sure it spiked a good 300 before I figured out what to do about it.

I dont' recommend doing this for everyone who's diabetic (I'm not, I have something called compromised metabolic whatever..who knows? who cares? I just know it makes me feel like ick if it gets out of control.) I rested, waited and listened really listened to what my body was telling me.

My body wanted protein and the sooner the better. So I noshed on a piece of fried chicken thigh, cold. It wasn't great, and I hated the excess oil from it, but but that's all I could find this morning and fast so I got that and ate most of it then sat back and rested again. My sugar has gone down. I feel better, but now I feel I must be more cautious. Today I'll adjust by eating more protein and veggies at lunch and leave the damned sugar bowl alone.

If it doesn't get better, or gets worse throughout the day, I'll have JW take me to the ER. Until that time I think light fasting is a good idea.

I'll post more later.

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  1. Sorry to hear about it. I was a pre-diabete. I use stevia to anything need to be sweeten. It is bitter sweet but does it job. :D


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