Sunday, September 20, 2009

One misty morning...


I had this fantasy this morning. It was a beautiful one too, where I snuggled into the perfectly warm niche next to my beloved JW and slept till noon. Even the dog was content to snooze at the foot of the bed. It was peaceful, still. Quiet. Oh to lie there and rest!

The cats, however, had other ideas.

They scratched on the door, begging to be let in. And when that didn't work they began yowling, angrily.

I put on my glasses and looked at the alarm clock. 6:30. You gotta be kidding.


Okay okay. So I drag my carcass out of bed, dragged it to the door and opened it to see three angry faces glaring at me. How DARE we lock them out of the bedroom! HOW Dare I stay snug and warm and in sleep induced bliss next to JW while they were not only banned from the bedroom, but was obvious they were starving to death and must have food and attention like, yeah NOW!!!

Somewhere between kitten and adulthood, these girls made me their bitch.

So I went to the kitchen and got out their food and filled a big cup full, walked over to their bowl where the three of them nearly killed themselves getting to. they sat, looked up at me expectedly as if to say, "well?"
There was already food in the bowl. Plenty of it in fact. But that wasn't the point. It was now 6:45. I was officially 45 minutes late in feeding the cats.

Grumbling, I took the bowl, dumped it into the rubbermaid bin where we store the animal food and put the fresh into the bowl.

Were they happy? Were they satisfied?

Why no.

They also wanted attention, water in their bowls and their litter boxes cleaned.

I gave them water and promised to scoop the boxes later. They weren't that bad and I was still bleary and hadn't even had my first glass of water yet.

So I'm now officially half awake and I shuffled into the office where I pick up my miscellaneous practices and do my morning waking practice. I'm kneeling in front of my altar, chin properly tucked, eyes partially closed, enjoying a moment of serene awareness.

Of course, it has to be let go, and I do. I sigh as I do so. After the practice session, I got the distinct feeling someone was watching me. I open my eyes, and sure enough, the cats are sitting in front of me, half crouched, their eyes half open. Were they meditating too? T.S Eliot would say so.

As much as I hate doing it, not just because money is tight here, but also because I genuinely loathe doing it, is that I'm going to have to shop for new clothes. This revelation came to me yesterday, when I noticed after my morning run I needed to invest in some sports sports bra. And that support can't come too soon, let me tell ya.

The revelation hit me full force this morning when I got dressed and noticed the bra I put on did not fit. In fact, it didn't even come close. So I had to rummage around until I found some loose fitting but acceptable clothing to wear.

JW commented on it, saying that he'd take me down in November for new pants. That's fine for November. This upcoming month I'm going to have to invest in some foundation wear. I should be happy, and I am happy. I just hate buying clothes. I send JW to do it. He enjoys shopping, moi, not so much. I just never got that whole girly-girl thing down. I don't wear make up (it's toxic anyway) I don't wear fashionable clothes. I keep my hair short and wear sensible shoes.
For years people thought I was a lesbian. No, I like men. I just likes my shirts and jeans.

Why? I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's because I was raised in a house filled with guys or maybe it's because I was a guy myself in my last life. So when either JW or Zack asks me why women are such a way when it comes to certain things I can honestly say I have no idea. I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

I am nowhere near as sore this morning as I thought I'd be. I did some stretches, both yoga and running. Tsuki and I went out for our power walk. The Cool Running Website suggests that beginners should run on alternate days. I really wanted to disregard that and tear full force down the street, but good common sense prevailed. Instead I did power walking for ten, slowed down for five, then did another five in cool down. I did my stretches and came inside.

When I get stronger, I want JW to take me down to the rail head so I can run there while he hangs out with the Yngs at their restaurant.

Fortunately the neighbor's bulldogs were chained up this morning. I was a bit nervous walking down the street in the fog, not because of the traffic because on Sunday morning at 7:30 am there usually isn't any, but I'm not pleased with the prospect of two charging pit bulls coming at me and Tsuki while we're walking, and Tsuki being the alpha akita has no trouble rumbling with them; in fact, she insists on it. But I have a problem I don't want to see her get hurt. Or me either, btw. I ain't getting mixed up in no dogfight. So going down to the railhead in the afternoons to run is starting to look good. Either that or Tap Memorial park, but the people who put the trail in at the park made it with cement, which isn't good for running. The trail head has an asphalt surface which will be easier on my feet. But I can't go there every day so I'm having to think up alternatives.

But back to the dogs. Yes, yes, I've called the pound. They know about the situation. They try to catch the dogs but as of yet have been unsuccessful. I don't think they're trying hard enough. I've called the police, they put me off. Well, when someone's kid gets mauled maybe then someone will do something about the two dogs. I sincerely hope it never comes to that. The last thing I want to see happen is someone's kid getting hurt.

In the meantime, Im investing in a can of mace. Or a paintball gun.

But today I didn't have to worry. The dogs were chained up and asleep. They weren't even aware of us until the neighbor-across-the-street's little dog started raising a ruckus. By then we were back in our own yard and the pit had just emerged from his doghouse to give us a "screw you," bark in passing.

Mace. It's definately going on my shopping list for next month.

The sun is out. The birds and monarchs are migrating. Fall is in the air. The elms in the back yard are exchanging their green leaves for yellow. The autumnal equinox is upon us. It's cool. It's blissful. I'm going outside and enjoy every second of it.


AM Routine:
up@6:30, samarai waking, fed cats drank first glass of water. (all my glasses of water are 12 oz.)
7:00 am meditation
7:30 power walking, stretches and surymanaskar C
breakfast: (open) whole grain oatmeal, walnuts and almonds and strawberries. Ice water
am reading: Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones.
The Paleo Diet

Today's work routine: Blog slogging. Do guest blog for tomorrow, write in Feavre Dreams blog, do Review reading and writing.
Lunch: chicken lettuce wrap, 1/2 bowl of tomato soup. Ice water
11 am practice
READING Heart of Compassion

Sweep and dust, clean office and bathroom
Finish reading the two books for review and rough drafting the reviews.
3: pm outside walking practice.
Beadwork, drawing. Hanging out with JW spend some time outside in the sun.

6: pm dinner pork chops, salad and steamed mixed veg
Ice water
Dishes washed and put away. Kitchen closed.
7 pm practice, 20 minutes of earth series yoga
READING Path to Enlightenment
Cherokee writing practice

Watch movies. Read From For Water like Chocolate (Its' an okay read but I think it'll be going to the Hastings recycling for next month.)
llpm power questions, bedtime yogas and lights out.

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