Thursday, September 10, 2009

And then came soft rains

Worry not. It's not as bad as the title would imply. For those of us who are unabashed Sci-Fi geeks (I remember when the term was once insulting) who are familiar with Bradbury's post apocolyptic short story with a similar title, everything went relatively well. The beams under the house weren't broken after all, but joined together and the joints separated. It took a lot of hard work to get everything put into relative repair but once again I can proudly say we have a pot to piss in.

Food was chaotic today, like pretty much everything else. I spent most of my day hiding in here, working quietly and staying out of everyone's way. I did have a good breakfast of grapes and some turkey meat, but lunch was a disaster. I tried some chicken enchiladas and a handful of taquitos and ate about four or five bites and put it away. It was too disgusting to eat, and my stomach feels like it was used for a nuclear test site. So no more of that. I hope I've learned my lesson.

Tonight's dinner is a challenge but one I think I can handle, unless the guys buy something and surprise me with it. Something refined and inedible, or shouldn't be consumed by anyone....I know that JW suggested me making burgers and I'm cool with that. But I've got an idea for myself that ought to be helpful.

The patties are 100% beef and fairly lean. So I'm thinking about making lettuce wraps for myself and regular burgers and chips.

The guys want to clean up, so that means I get to clean the tub up.

Today's practice was equally harried but done. I had to bail from the office because the smell from the sealant was making me high. I went outside and did a walking practice, and as the thunderheads grew, soft gentle rains fell. I completed my practice underneath the canopy of a stand of elms, their leaves turning softly autumn yellow and brown fell along with the raindrops as I focused on the Three Cauldron's Practice.

Have a beautiful evening.
om mani padme hum

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