Sunday, August 23, 2009

todays brunch atrocity.

Peak flow 450
breakfast: Ice water and a couple of saltines
Lunch: Something horribly inedible
Dinner: cheat meal. chicken broccoli alfredo

I committed an epic fail this morning. Instead of making scrambled eggs, I tried making a fritatta with Prego pasta sauce we got at the food pantry. The result was to horrible to describe much less ingest. JW ate his, dear brave soul that he is, and I told him that it was time to meditate. As I was leaving he said to be sure I contemplated my sin against eggs....

So I did. I'll never ever do that again. Beside, processed pasta sauce is awful.

Yesterday, I spent the day at my brother's house helping him clean while getting laundry washed. I sincerely hope he sells his place. He's got a prospective buyer. I hope all goes well with him.

Today I have tons to do. Laundry to dry, fold and put away, housework to do. The back rooms first and the front rooms last. I have tsa tsas to make and others to paint. And this evening I have an amulet bag to finish as well as finish reading a book about the British nun Tenzen Palmo. She lived in a cave for 12 years. There's pictures of the cave in her book. I was surprised as to how neat and tidy it was. So I figure if she can keep a cave looking like something out of Southern Living Magazine, I can keep my little hovel neat and tidy too.
So what am I sitting here for? Onward and upward!

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