Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gull Song

Just when you think your day sucks, check out this clip from Robot Chicken. Remember whatever happens, it can't be worse than when Darth Vader has to call Emperor Palpatine and let him know the Death Star was destroyed by some smart assed teenagers.

I thought this would make you laugh, despite whatever day you're having. Consider it a public service announcement.

Wednesday Morning 7 am

I was so lazy this morning. I got up at 7 am instead of 6 like I usually do. Why you ask? Because the bedroom was so cool after months of hot sweaty nights I just couldn't part from it. So I lay there, dozing,JW snoring softly in my ear, the fan blowing, the rush of wind filtering through my sleepy mind, causing me to recall those lovely days on Crystal Beach and Point Bolivar, back in the 80's when I was young and strong and thought that life was eternal and brilliant and I'd be young forever.

I dreamed of the sea, the smell, the texture of the sand underneath my feet. And that magnificient lighthouse.

I recalled one special morning when I was in my twenties. I rose at dawn, put on my swimsuit and walked out to the beach. The sun was just rising, deep red and hovering just above the horizon. To the west, the biggest full moon I'd ever seen, a soft pink was sinking into the gulf. Before me, heavy purple clouds loomed, generating their own electricity. Above me gulls swirled and called as they raced towards the beach, picking up tiny spider crabs as they became marooned from the high tide.
I ran into the surf, swimming as hard as I could, embracing the cold green gray water as each wave sent me up and over. I was young. I was thin and athletic. And I was filled with the joy embraced by the ancient Dine (Navajo) Prayer

Beauty Before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty around me

It was a beautiful memory. I loved the sea. I loved the smell and the sunlight glistening off the water. Although I suffer from vertigo, I did like taking the ferry to Galveston Island where little shops and antique stores and walking down the strand beckoned. I used to wander along the sea wall and gaze out towards the jetty. Dolphins raced alongside boats as they sailed from the gulf into the bay.

It was a magic time. A time when I spent my days sitting on the dock sketching or writing or sometimes both. Then August would come, hot and still. The men burned off the marshlands along the bay. At night they burned brighly, like my young heart, romantic, powerful, and somehow mideavel.

And by late summer I returned to my forest home in East Texas. Back again to the pine scented air delicately interspersed with the scent of my stepmother's roses. Back to the blazing sapphire sky.
And I'd have to go back to work, back to life. Back to my friends, and most importantly back to JW.

Live is to be loved. It is so short, so utterly precious, and time slips through our fingers like beach sand.

Now it's time to get up and get serious about today. There's lots to do. I have a review to do today, a novel to edit and an editor to talk to. I have tsa tsa's to paint an amulet bag to finish and a husband to love. That most of all.

peak flow: 350
breakfast oatmeal
lunch stuffed tomato
dinner broiled beef tips and steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

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