Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1

Peak Flow: 300 Pitiful.

I thought this morning's song was appropriate. There's another huge complex of storms heading our way. We recieved nearly 10 inches for last month.
JW says that if it rains on the first of the month then it'll rain for another 15 days.
Lovely. At least it'll be cooler. I'm good with that.
The excessive flooding? Not so much.

I'm feeling disappointed in my weight loss progress. It didn't help that I caught a glimpse of my shadow when Iw as doing my chandramansakar practice last night. Ohhh I am so fat. I'm embarrassed. Lama says its only temporary and JW says that he can really tell I've lost weight, especially in my face and neck. I have to admit, I don't have as many chins as I used to.
And, as JW pointed out, it took years for me to get this way, it won't be overnight b efore its' gone again.
I'll be delighted when it IS gone.
I'm so sick of looking like this.

I overslept which means I missed morning meditation as well as yoga practice. I'll do both during my 11:00 practice session.

Breakfast: grapefruit and green tea.
Lunch: JW's choice
Dinner, TBA JW hasn't gone and bought groceries yet. Suffice it to say it won't be Chinese.

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