Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tsa Tsa Practice 101 continued

I took five tsa tsas from their little house this afternoon and started painting.
I am using 3 base coats of white: 3 being a prime number and auspicious and because three coats covers the tsa tsa nicely without leaving any streaks.
I'm using standard acrylic craft paints to do them, and I make sure that once i put on the base coats that the paint goes on evenly, does not clump and certainly does not distort the tiny details in the face, ect.
During the painting process I chanted the mani
under my breath, focusing on my efforts to make them as perfect as possible.
They are now currently drying on my work table.
Tomorrow I will go over them with a gold wash (watered down gold paint) so that they will have a golden tint to them when I apply the over coat. I will use my tanka of Chenrezig as a pattern to place the various colors of paint in the right spot.
Once they're done, I'll have JW take photos.
I am also making native american beaded amulet bags to store the tsa tsa's in.
That's a practice all its own.

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