Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th

Thank God the month is almost over.
Peak Flow 298
Breakfast 1/2 grapefruit, one cup of green tea with grapefruit juice squeezed in. What? It's no worse than adding lemon.

Today's meal plan looks like this:
Breakfast: grapefruit and one cup green tea
Lunch: spinach omelet and ice water
Dinner: stir fried beef tips and french cut green beans.

yes beans are not paleo but its the end of the month and well....

Once the check comes my splurge meal will take place at the local Chinese restaurant. Woo HOO! (no rice.)

for the record I am feeling better than I did last night. I fell asleep right after my sleep inducing yoga (which works wonderfully well I might add) and now that my brain has finished playing with its internal chemistry set, I am no longer depressed.
See? I told you it didn't last long :D

Now its dark again today. We're expecting more thunderstorms in from Dallas soon. My only concern is whether I can keep my tele-class with Lama Jigme today.

I think I'll still go out and stand on the porch for a bit here in a few minutes. To get what little sunlight is coming in through the clouds. ANd open the curtains in my office. That'll help a bunch.

I have writing to do until it starts to rain. And hopefully it'll be out of here before lunchtime. Afterwards, I've been inspired to do another portrait of the Buddha of Compassion. I saw it last night while I slept and the vision is still in my head. I'll do some preliminary sketches before I transfer it to the bristol board and sanguine sticks. I hope my hand is as good as my eye.

Yes, I missed this am version of namaste yoga but will catch the girls at 11:30 right after practice.

ya'll take care.

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