Friday, September 3, 2010

Meal Offering In Five Breaths

This beautiful meal offering prayer was brought to you by my teacher.  May you enjoy it as much as I do.
om mani padme hum

Meal Offering in Five Breaths

(devotion)  In breath: Thank you my kind teacher

Good morning {afternoon,evening} Lama Chenrezig
Thank you for your presence in my life.
Thank you for pacifying my Karmic-negativities
increasing my virtuous merit...

lavishing me with your blessings of
body, speech and mind
and guiding me directly and in-directly
in the most wonderful way.

(devotion) in breath: Thank you my kind teacher

I partake of this delicious meal
as an offering to Lama Chenrezig
who emanates...

in his Grape-sized four-armed aspect
of bliss-inducing light
upon this throat center,
om mani padme hum!

(love)  Inbreath: May all beings now benefit!

May all who have perished over the last forty-nine days,
especially all who have perished in the provision of this meal,
or at my hands
now take immediate and auspicious Po-ta-la rebirth
without any other rebirths intervening
and once there quickly accomplish full enlightenment
so they can better aid and liberate all others;
om mani padme hum!

(love)  inbreath: May all beings now benefit!

May all the hunger and thirst
of every tortured spirit
now be sated in the most wonderful way!

(wisdom) in-breath: Completely letting go

By this virtue may "I"quickly attain the enlightened state
of Lama Chenrezig
and then lead every living being without exception
to that ground

(love)  In Breath: May all beings now benefit

May everyone be: healthy wealthy and happy,
may everyone practice skillfully and joyfully,
may everyone accomplish Chenrezig in THIS life
and then help many others do likewise;

In breath: May all beings now benefit

for truly that is the meaning of life
om mani padme hum!

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