Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Following the Wrong Teacher

Yeah yeah, I know there are  'snake oil' preachers in every religion, Buddhism included.The question is, how can we tell who peddles the proverbial snake oil and who doesn't?

Here's the answer.  And it is so simple, so clear and true that it needs no explanation. Remember this small commentary the next time someone disparages your teacher. Then pray for them, meditate on their behalf, and wish for their enlightenment.

om mani padme hum

The Right and the Wrong Teacher
The following excerpts are from
The Vase of Amitra (2) by Dzatrul Ngawang Tendzin
Norbu ( folio19 et. Seq)

The Wrong Teacher

The Inner tantra (nang rgyud) says:

Ignorant and proud, lacking in intelligence, he teaches mere words
He cuts down others with disparaging statements; with a little learning and a lot of arrogance,
He is true evil for the disciple who recognizes such a teacher.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeH6Gb7aX_k

 Such a teacher doesn’t have even a single one of the many good qualities that are born from listening and meditating. Nevertheless, he belongs to a good family. He claims, “I am the son of so and so.” And like a Brahman conceitedly wraps himself up in his noble ancestry. Although he is no different from any ordinary person, he acts as if he were on the same footing of the great siddas of the past. When he has done a little study and practice, he puffs up with self infatuation as soon as others show him respect. He is so full of pride, so stupid and arrogant that he cannot see the qualities of great beings. He is irascible and jealous, and the cord of compassion in him is broken.

If you, faithful one, meet and follow such a mistaken teacher, it is just as if you were shown the road by a mad guide. Your entire life of virtuous actions will be wasted. Seeking his protection is like wanting to take a rest under the cool shadow of a tree that turns into a huge venomous snake.

If you're teacher

  • is more interested in discussing his qualifications than the teachings,

  • is disparaging other teachers

  • is encouraging his students to do the same

  • is arrogant

  • prideful

  • and jealous

then become like someone with their hair ablaze
desparate to put it out.
And find another like your life depended on it, because, darlings, it does!

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  1. Oh Pat,

    I wish you would just teach folks
    this simple formula:

    #1 receive teachings
    #2 follow the instructions twice daily for 6 consecutive days
    #3 notice the results
    #4 if they're bad find a new teacher
    #5 if they're good continue to attend your teacher

    Asking people to judge anything other then
    the effects of the teachings
    is absolutely NOT what Buddha taught!


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