Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Calcium Suppliments and the lack thereof.

I have issues with certain health suppliments. And this is one of them.  Excess calcium in the blood can damage your heart by causing a condition known as hypercalcemia, a nasty condition I learned about during my brief but spectacular stint in nursing school. 

So how can you get calcium in your diet without taking suppliments?  Through natural food sources.  Although dairy is a calcium source, I don't do dairy for two reasons: it's not paleo and I'm lactose intolerant. (although I do like to splurge on cheese every once in a while)
Although this is not a complete list, this link will give you a start in finding calcium rich foods.

I have and still maintain that if you eat a healthy diet, you won't need suppliments. The trick is in learning what foods contain the nutrients you need to remain healthy.

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  1. i agree...supplements are not FDA approved and can be dangerous. i am now getting into juicing and, i hope, a healthier life style of food. hugs, nan


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