Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bodhra Thanka Project

I am not Tibetan, but I do hold Tibet and her people near and dear to my heart. Because of this I do support the preservation of Tibetan culture, especially the arts.

Today I'd like to share a site provided to me by a lovely man by the name of Sonam Wangdu.  Mr. Wangdu is the project manager of the Bodhra Project Thanka gallery. The gallery is operated by Tibetan artists in exile and they make their living with their art.

Here is the website for their gallery. Peruse their site, friend Sonam Wangdu on your Facebook Page and have a lovely chat with him.  Go to the Bodh Gallery site and gaze upon the beautiful artwork that is carefully and lovingly crafted by traditional artists. There is a place on the site where you can request a commission.

I have provided a small sampling of their art.  Please don't duplicate these images.  I do, however,  wholeheartedly encourage you to go to their site and order a beautiful thanka of your own. Get to know Mr. Wangdu and his artists and peruse their gallery.  I know you'll love it as much as I do.

By commissioning a lovely thanka from these nice folks you will not only be gathering good karma for yourself , but you'll also be assisting in the preservation of a culture that is sadly disappearing from the face of the earth.
May you all benefit
om mani padme hum

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