Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beware the Windmill Tippers

I’ve noticed an ugly trend this past week on my social media sites. Certain individuals who, in Don Quote like fashion, are attacking certain lamas, my own included.

These wanna be ‘dharma-protectors’ do nothing more than fuel my practice.

However the criticism gets under the skin. It generates fear and doubt, which is exactly what the wannabe “Dharma protectors” want you to feel. If they can get you distracted, then you’ve lost the path. After all, if they were truly concerned with your well being, wouldn’t they be practicing Dharma for your benefit instead of denouncing your teacher?

I recall a beautiful scene in the film Little Buddha, where Siddhartha was sitting underneath the bodhi tree, meditating. The demon Mara and his daughters tried to distract Siddhartha from his practice. When he was unable to do so, Mara became enraged and sent an army of demons to attack him. When the demons fired their weapons, their spears and arrows turned into a shower of flowers.

So whenever I read about people making disparaging comments, trying to lure me from Dharma practice by casting doubts on my teacher, I think about that scene in Little Buddha and all of the doubts turn to flowers.

Only you and you alone know what path is right for you. I have found mine. I will not be distracted. And yes, I will practice to benefit all beings, the critics included.

May this benefit you all

Om mani padme hum

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