Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Tibetan Five Rites of Rejuvenation.

If you haven't read Eye of Revelation,

 I suggest you pick up a copy and read it. Although I cannot attest to its age reversing qualities  I can say without a doubt this is an outstanding sequence of core exercises that almost anyone can do.  Including myself.  I can also state that before I began this sequence of exercises I was a size 25. I'm now a size 18.

 The 5 Rites takes a bit of practice, so be gentle with yourself.  Before you know it, you'll have it down cold.  My lama teaches these rites  along with a meditation practice that takes away from mundane exercise and into a more deeper spiritual practice, thereby making it much more powerful.  Here is my teacher demonstrating the first rite of rejuvenation. 

as you can see, the first rite is not that difficult, but there are challenges forthcoming when I show you the other 4 rites.You'll enjoy them; just give them a chance.
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