Friday, July 30, 2010

Sitting Pretty

This past month I was at a cookout with some wonderful friends of mine.  There wasn't enough chairs for everyone, and so, when I got my plate, I sat down cross legged, did my silent meal blessing and dug in.
A friend of mine saw me sitting there and became very upset. He was afraid, you see, that once I got down onto the floor I wouldn't  be able to get up.

What he didn't know is that I spend a great deal of time sitting on the floor, especially in front of my altar, and when I'm not sitting cross legged on the floor I sit cross legged in my recliner.  I am also aware that as people get older, their ability to get up and get down diminishes if they don't take precautions.  And none of us want that.

If you have difficulty sitting in a meditation posture, please watch this Youtube vid of my teacher's discourse in proper sitting.  Incorporate this into your daily practice and you'll be sitting pretty in no time at all.

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