Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday Morning 1 a.m.

Tuesday morning, 1 am.
I wake to an impulse, heady and strong. A promise must be kept.
I go to the computer
My hands working without me, someone else is creating. I am there, but not.
And in the end, I make copies for myself and my teacher. Then return to bed.
And in the morning I open my word processor and to my surprise, I find treasures.
Om mani padme hum

Obstacles aren't always bad

they’re like putting a child in a play pen while you're cooking

Not to imprison the child
Or to neglect him
But to protect him….

To keep him from coming in contact with the hot stove
thus becoming harmed.

Sometimes obstacles play a similar role.
like a guard rail on a narrow walkway
that keeps us on the straight safe path.

What is this?

Faith is:

Frightened people trapped in a darkened room.
The majority do not believe in the existence of the light switch.

While others believe the light switch exists but have to sacrifice to find it.
Whereas others think one person can find it for them.

All they have to do is have faith.

letting go...

Hope is:
Believing the light switch exists but finding it is an impossible task
Knowing know that the light switch exists but doesn't know how to go about finding it.
Finding the switch but not knowing how to turn it on.


Enlightenment is:
Not believing, fearing, or having faith that the switch exists.
But exploring possibilities
with a kind heart and altruistic mind.

And upon examining the right methods
and walking the right path, propels them across the floor
where they to find the proper wall
finding the switch
turning it on.

Enlightening the room
And the door.

Then one can pass quickly from one state to another
While being able to do the same thing for all others.

Letting go....

We are born in fear
We live the bulk of our lives in fear
We die in fear
We wander the between states in fear
Only to be reborn again and again


Fear is impermanent
By its very nature,
It cannot last.

Like dandelion seeds
Carried on the wind

Some seeds propagate
Others are exterminated

It is important to know
Which seeds to plant
And which to discard

om mani padme hum.

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