Monday, October 5, 2009

The Dentist Follies part one :D

The tooth is out
the novacaine has worn off.
JW is off in search for something
gentle for me to eat and to fill
my pain script.
I have oh so much to talk about
in regards to this experience and
the dharma, but it'll have to wait
for a little while.
But I didn't want you to think
dear constant readers
that I'd abandoned you.
So I'll post more later on,
hopefully tonight.
So stay tuned.
But before I go I want to thank
Lama Jigme for being so wonderfully
kind as to practice with me before
I scurried off to the dentist.
And to Dr. Gibson who is without a doubt
the kindest, most compassionate, and
gentlest dentist I'd ever been to.
And funny. Did I say funny???

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