Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahh the defense of fats

Ooohhh people do love their fats, and judging by the emails I recieved yesterday, they're none too happy that I poked a stick at the fattiness that is American cooking.

And the Atkins people are shaking their spears at me too, claiming that the articles I posted yesterday were misleading and that Atkins is a fine diet, ad infinitum.

Well these good people are most certainly entitled to their opinion, and I am reminded too, that all opinions (including my own) are like assholes. Everyone's got one.

Those who read or listened to the video of the articles linking certain fats with triggering binges didn't pay close enough attention to what the experts were saying. The articles are about the connection with certain fats that inhibit the brain's ability to recognize whether the body is full or not.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. Or the articles for that matter, either.

But if you're curious, I invite you to try a little experiment. Go to BK or to whatever fast food establishment that does it for you and order some sliders. Or pizza.

Eat one slider or just one slice of pizza. Just one. And walk away.

One slider should be plenty of calories for you.

See if you can do it.

See if you don't find excuses for not eating more.

If you can mozeltov. I'm happy for you. You are one of the few who can. If you look around the restaurant, it won't take rocket science to figure out that you're pretty much a lone wolf when it comes to eating fatty foods and being able to walk away.

But if you can't then you're just another one of the unwashed masses who's poor confused brains can't figure out what the frak you just stuffed into your gullet because it's obviously NOT food but a foreign substance and maybe just MAYBE those boy and girl geniuses in those labs aren't quite as dumb as you thought.

And as far as Atkins' is concerned; anything that gives you ketosis is not your friend.

Here's some articles for you to pick through, while you're living it up on those pork rinds and ginormous blocks o' cheese:

Now, go eat a salad and a handful of grapes, will ya?

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