Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay I said there was only two. Now there are more, and Im sure even more in the future.
Here they are. Make of them what you will.
om mani padme hum

Namo lokeshvavara

Lama Chenrezig
This vessel, empty yet
Open this mind
Pour in the nectar
Of Dharma
Upon dawns breaking
I sing the mani
Om mani padme hum



Morning prostrations
The sun blesses my back
The scent of pine and grass
And sunscreen
Summer’s warmth welcomes
my practice—
yet it is void
As winter falls
Driven inside by cold and snow
And sleet
My practice burns like embers
Warming the mind
As blankets warm the body
Om mani padme hum

Miners toil under the mountain
Suffering in heat and dust
Yet my eyes are turned to the trees
and the power
and the might
The sun shining above
And the perfect azure sky
Peerless Master, at your feet I bow.
Om mani padme hum

Intoxicants are
In our food,
In our water
In plastic that lasts
For 700 years
There is nothing
Pure in samsara
Turn your mind to the
Six syllable mantra
Om mani padme hum

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